Dentures are an effective and affordable solution for many patients suffering from tooth loss, restoring their confidence and improving their quality of life. However, it is essential that dentures fit well: the instability of loose dentures can be embarrassing and lead to health problems including:

Difficulty in eating

  • Irritation
  • Swollen gums
  • Sore spots and infections
  • Erosion of the jawbone, creating further problems with the fit of the dentures

New Ultra Grip technology for better fitting dentures

At The Smile Centre, we now offer patients the option of the latest Ultra Grip procedure that provides a superior fit and a stable, firm grip for the dentures. Ultra Grip offers distinct advantages over conventional dentures:

The latest compressive impression technique is used to take the initial impression of your mouth, in order to achieve a highly accurate mould from which we will create your new dentures. The more accurate the impression, the better the dentures will fit and many of the problems associated with traditional dentures will be avoided.
Conventional dentures will gradually become looser over time, but at the Smile Centre, we manufacture Ultra Grip Dentures® using a high-quality acrylic base that will not warp or shrink, so preserving the most stable, secure and comfortable fit. And our Ultra Grip dentures feature Ivoclar Vivident teeth to ensure a natural looking smile.

Why choose Ultra Grip Dentures®?

The extremely accurate, individualised fit provided by Ultra Grip ensures that your dentures fit your mouth more accurately with the minimum of movement. If you have been struggling with poorly fitting dentures, you will be amazed at the difference that superbly fitting Ultra Grip Dentures® make to your life:

  • They feel more comfortable in your mouth
  • Your denture will feel very secure without any need for sticky adhesives
  • Your ability to chew will be improved
  • You will regain any lost social confidence and will be able to eat, talk and laugh without any worries.

Who can benefit from Ultra Grip Dentures®?

Ultra Grip Dentures® are not only suitable for older patients but are also an excellent option for people of any age who are missing all of their teeth and who want dentures with a very secure and stable fit. To find out more about Ultra Grip Dentures® or to book an appointment, please contact The Smile Centre and experience the security and comfort of well fitting dentures for yourself.

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