Basic Dentures Vs Smile Centre Dentures

Mrs Shand


The teeth are set too low, too much gum is showing and the incorrect size of tooth has been chosen. Unfortunately this is a very common problem when the technician who makes the dentures does not have direct access to the patient, but instead works through a dentist.

Poorly fitted and poorly made dentures like these often leave the wearer with an incorrect bite and a lack of lip and facial support, all of which leads to an awkward appearance.


These dentures feature the correct size of tooth for the patient’s mouth, which have been chosen and put into the correct position, giving a fuller and more natural appearance.

Altering the position of the teeth has also corrected the sunken look that this patient suffered with her previous dentures. Now the patient has better defined features, a better shaped chin, and overall a much happier smile. By opting for dentures by the Smile Centre, rather than standard dentures, the patient has alleviated the problems of poorly fitting dentures and now also has a brighter and more realistic looking smile.

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Basic Dentures Vs Smile Centre Dentures
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