Snap-On Smile

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Snap-On Smile

Snap-on Smile allows you to achieve a dazzling movie-star smile at a fraction of the cost of conventional cosmetic dentistry. Here at the Smile Centre, we are delighted to offer you the latest development in non-invasive cosmetic dentistry that will help you achieve a healthy, natural-looking smile easily and painlessly.

What is Snap-on Smile?
Snap-on Smile provides either a temporary or permanent smile makeover and as the name suggests, simply snaps into place over your existing teeth. It provides a simple, quick solution for stained or damaged teeth, whether upper or lower teeth or both and allows you to achieve a new smile quickly and at an affordable price. Snap-on Smile is also an attractive option for patients who have an aversion to the dentist’s drill or who cannot commit to the time required for options such as veneers and implants.

Made from a very thin yet strong high-tech resin, Snap-on Smile fits over your natural teeth, hiding missing, damaged or stained teeth and is suitable for patients of any age. Candidates for Snap-on Smile include:

People with missing, damaged or stained teeth
Patients who are not able to be fitted with conventional bridges or implants
Those who are looking for a more comfortable alternative to a traditional denture
Anyone who wants to achieve a gorgeous smile without the time and expense of complex, invasive cosmetic dentistry.

How does Snap-on Smile work?
The procedure involves two quick visits to the Smile Centre. On your first visit, scans of both your upper and lower teeth will be taken with our state of the art iTero digital technology. The dentist will help you to choose the shade of your new teeth, carefully matching it to existing teeth for a natural effect. You can also choose the shape of incisors and canines: the information is then sent to the dental lab where your new smile will be created.

On your second visit, approximately three to four weeks later, you will receive your new set of teeth and the dentist will check them for fit and bite. You can eat and drink normally when wearing your Snap-on Smile and it looks very natural. They fit snugly over your own teeth and it is up to you how long and how often you wear them: some patients keep them for special occasions such as job interviews and social occasions when they want to look their very best while others wear them all the time – it’s entirely up to you.

To find out more or to book an appointment, please call the friendly team at the Smile Centre on 0161 796 2404 and take the first step towards a dazzling, affordable smile.