Payment Options

Paying for your new teeth shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why the Smile Centre provides easy, flexible and affordable treatment plans to fit your budget. Dentures and denture implants are highly personal, individual and tailored to the wearer. It is therefore necessary for all patients to be fully assessed before precise quotations can be offered.

The costs associated with your chosen treatment reflect the amount of time and materials used, as well as the high quality and complexity of the final result. The Smile Centre team will be happy to provide a full written quotation.

In order to determine the most suitable denture treatment for you, our team will take the time to talk with you and understand your dental history as well as your future aspirations. From this basis an affordable and tailor-made quotation will be offered.

Interest Free Payment

We are pleased to offer patients up to 10 months interest free credit [link to (41) Interest Free Credit]. This comes with flexible payment options which are specially designed to make paying for your dentures simpler and more affordable.

Payment plan up to 5 years with interest payable (shirley can provide APR)

Terms of Payment

Our normal terms are as follows:

  • 50% deposit at the start of treatment
  • Balance of payments spread over the following appointments
  • Balance cleared at the final appointment
  • a 5% discount is also available if payment is made in full at the start of treatment

We accept payment using all major debit and credit cards.

Contact Us

Here at the Smile Centre we can advise you on the best type of treatment for you. To book a free no-obligation consultation, call us now. Alternatively, you can enquire online and we will call you back.