Oral Health

To keep your teeth healthy and sparkling, we recommend you make an appointment with our hygienist at least twice a year. Dental hygiene is paramount to oral health and with our hygienist’s help you can preserve and improve the health of your teeth and gums.

So what does a hygienist do exactly?

A hygienist is specially trained to treat and prevent gum (periodontal) disease which is the most common cause for tooth loss. They also give advice on all things relating to oral health ranging from how to brush your teeth properly to dietary guidance. They work closely with the dentist to provide optimum oral care for every patient

What to expect at your dental hygiene appointment

The dental hygienist will:

  • Review your medical history with you and ask if you’re taking any medications. It’s important that he or she is aware of any medical conditions you may have as this could have some bearing on your dental care.
  • Enquire about any past dental work that you’ve had done, your oral health routine, and any concerns that you have about your teeth.
  • Check your gums to see if there is any evidence of plaque or bleeding.
  • Remove any build up of plaque and stains by scaling the teeth.
  • Polish your teeth

Does it hurt?

A scale and polish is usually painless, however if you’re experiencing any discomfort the hygienist can numb the area with an anaesthetic cream, or administer a local anaesthetic into your gums.

Can children visit the hygienist?

Yes, our hygienists are also trained to deal with children who will benefit from having their teeth polished. In addition the hygienist can apply fluoride varnishes to the outer surfaces of the teeth to help protect against decay

How to maintain good oral hygiene

Your hygienist will show you the correct way to brush and floss your teeth so that you can look after your teeth at home between visits. They’ll also give you dietary advice and recommend you to cut down on sugar loaded foods and fizzy drinks which will have a big impact on your dental hygiene.

To make an appointment with one of our hygienists please call the clinic today.

Please note our General Dentistry services are only available in Manchester.

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