Natural Looking Dentures

Dentures are a great replacement for missing teeth but for your confidence and well-being it’s vital that your denture plate is a comfortable fit and looks completely natural.

At The Smile Centre we have a reputation for providing fantastic natural-looking dentures which are made here on site by our team of highly trained and dedicated clinical dental technicians. Every denture that leaves our laboratory has been customised to each individual with careful monitoring at every stage to ensure the best possible results. We guarantee you one-to-one personal attention as the person making your dentures will be the one you have contact with right from the start, and all the way through to the final fit.

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We Do It All

There’s nothing worse that having to to wait ages for a product to come back from an external laboratory before being fitted on the patient. For this reason at The Smile Centre we offer a unique combination of clinical and technical skills all under one roof. This includes the construction, repairing, and fitting of removable dental devices.

How We Make Dentures

Top Quality Natural Looking Teeth

When you invest in a new denture you want to know that it’s going to look like a natural set of teeth, and together with our help you’ll be able to select just the right shape, colour and size tooth for a completely natural look. As well as guiding you on what looks good we’ll also offer advice on the best type of tooth to suit your mouth shape. In addition we can discuss the various types of dentures available, giving you the pros and cons of each one, so that when you make a decision, it’s an informed one.

We have over 25 years experience and in that time have fitted more than 10,000 dentures, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

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