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iTero Technology at The Smile Centre

We are delighted to be able to offer our patients the latest treatments using state of the art iTero scanning, a revolutionary digital technique that means that dental impressions may become a thing of the past.

What is iTero scanning?
Dentists frequently need to take impressions of patient’s mouth, for example when making moulds for Invisalign aligners, and many people find traditional methods uncomfortable. iTero technology is set to revolutionise the way dental impressions are created: iTEro takes extremely accurate 3D digital images of the mouth and teeth that can be used to create a range of dental devices. It is designed to be integrated with with Invisalign treatment and dental practitioners can show their patients what the result of their treatment will look like. No mess, no gagging, and because the iTero images are so accurate, the number of appointments and the treatment time can be reduced.

How does iTero scanning work?
iTero is a digital scanner that can take a perfectly replicated portrayal of the teeth and oral health. Using a small wand, the dentist will take precise images of your teeth that you can see in real time, making it easier for the dentist to explain what your treatment will involve. Because the dentist can see the results straight away, he or she will be able to check that all the areas necessary have been scanned and you will even be able to visualise what your new smile will look like after treatment. The images will then be sent straight to the dental laboratory where your device will be made.

iTero Digital ScanneriTero Technology at The Smile Centre

The benefits of iTero technology
iTero has been a hit with dentists and patients in the US and is now available in the UK. US dentists have found that because iTero is so accurate, it eliminates the need for remakes and because it gets the measurements right the first time, it is very cost-effective.

For a dental device to work effectively it must fit the patient’s mouth exactly. A poorly fitting device can also cause pain and discomfort but with the perfect digital image of the mouth and teeth captured by iTero, dental devices such as Invisalign aligners can be manufactured to a very high degree of precision.

Patients find that scanning with iTero is a quick and comfortable experience. It is especially helpful for patients with a strong gag reflex who sometimes find traditional methods of taking an impression uncomfortable. You can swallow and breathe as normal while your mouth is being scanned and can see the 3D scan instantly: the dentist can adjust and expand the image just as you do on your smartphone.

Nervous patients and anyone who is pressed for time will also appreciate the benefits of fewer appointments and less time spent in the dentist’s chair.

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