Implant Retained Dentures

Problems with traditional dentures

Traditional dentures, that are held in place by the natural suction of the gums, have been used for many years and are a great option for many people, but some wearers of full dentures find they do give rise to a few problems:

  • The lower dentures can occasionally become dislodged by the tongue, which is uncomfortable and can be embarrassing.
  • Poorly fitting dentures can cause discomfort: because the gums are not designed to support dentures, the gum tissue will eventually deteriorate and more teeth may be lost.
  • Upper dentures usually stay in place better but they may sometimes obscure the palate and reduce enjoyment in eating and drinking.

How can dental implants help to retain dentures?

Dental implants will hold your dentures firmly in place: they are small titanium screws that are implanted into the jaw and act like the natural tooth root. Titanium is a biocompatible material that will fuse into the jawbone through the process of osseointegration, so they become part of you and look and feel very natural. Dentures supported by implants will be much more stable; comfort and retention are improved and the bulk of the jawbone is retained. Your natural looking dentures will be constructed to match your existing teeth and complement your features; cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening may also be considered so that you achieve a natural, confident smile.

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Why choose implant retained dentures?

The stable and secure fit of implant retained dentures allows you to eat, talk and laugh without any anxieties. They can easily be removed for flossing and brushing, an important consideration when the patient is not very dexterous or where there is a considerable bone loss. Further advantages of implant retained dentures include:

  • Improved chewing and taste
  • Elimination of sore spots and pressure points
  • Improved speech
  • Improved digestion and general health

A long-term solution

With as few as two dental implants, many patients can overcome the social and physical limitations imposed by traditional dentures for many years to come. To find out more about dental implant retained dentures or to book an appointment at The Smile Centre, call us on 0161 796 2404.

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