Tight-fitting dentures, no fixative required



When you are first told you need dentures or you know that you need a replacement for your existing set, it can be a challenging time. Eating, drinking and speaking all offer new sensations in your mouth when you have an unfamiliar denture, but now there is an alternative which could change all of that. A new procedure developed by Ivoclar Vivadent and known as the iDenture System, has been far exceeding patient expectations in the US and now it’s available in the UK.

Identure Advanced Tooth

Unlike the dentures routinely offered to patients in the UK, iDentures don’t require the repeated application of a fixative to keep them in place. This is one of the main problems identified by wearers of conventional dentures, with some people having to re-apply their fixative four or five times during the day. Secondly, iDentures do not need to be removed and cleaned anymore than once per day. Just use a soft brush, along with a little warm water for an effective clean. If there is a particularly persistent accumulation, just immerse the iDenture overnight with a normal denture cleaner. The third benefit of this system is the increased suction offered, even by the lower denture, giving people far more confidence when eating or speaking in public.

iDentures give your dentist the chance to make your smile the best it’s ever been, enabling you to feel more confident by improving the overall look of your mouth. Moreover, it’s far easier to maintain the superior appearance of iDentures over an extended period of time. Each of us has different facial characteristics, so the iDenture team take into account the shape of your face and mouth, along with your preferences for your new teeth, when creating the denture. They consider the shape and colour of each individual tooth, along with the texture and whereabouts they are positioned.

Identure -Tight Fitting Dentures

iDentures are manufactured using the latest techniques, but also using the most innovative materials, resulting in a very lifelike effect that’s also highly durable. Depending on the requirements of a patient, dentists can use composites made from nano hybrids to boost strength and acrylic resin to make the denture more resistant to cracks, stains and chips. To keep the denture secure within your mouth, iDenture use a patented press technique, this produces a much closer fit and better staying power.

This particular system has been developed over a period of many years, but Ivoclar Vivadent have a century’s worth of experience in designing and creating the most advanced dental products in the industry. However, the company believe the average patient is not aware of the choices they have when it comes to premium dentures. Many may be surprised to discover that they could have a better, more convenient set of dentures, fitted at The Smile Centre at a very affordable cost.

When you need a change, our clinicians will be pleased to provide you with a comfortable result, that’s also more aesthetically pleasing than conventional dentures. To find out more about what The Smile Centre can do for you, including booking an iDenture fitting session, please call now on 0161 796 2404 to make your appointment.