Facial Lip Support Case Study

Mrs Thomas


This patient was embarrassed to smile because of the effect her incorrectly set dentures had on her lips and face at large. The teeth appear too small as they have been set too far back in the mouth, causing the patient to develop a narrow arch for the upper lip and lap gaps at the corners of the lips. Her lips generally looked thin and sunken in. When smiling, her chin would protrude.


The correct bite was registered for the patient using 3D Ultrasonic Navigator software. This enables the Smile Centre to register the correct bite, ensuring comfort and allowing the wearer to eat confidently in public or at home. The colour of gum was also improved to match the patient’s colouring, making the dentures look natural in the mouth.
The Smile Centre has crafted an entirely new set of dentures for this client. The upper and lower teeth have been brought forward into an improved position to widen the arches of the lips, giving more support to the face. Furthermore, increasing the distance between the patient’s chin and nose has corrected the sunken “gurning” appearance that was visible with the previous poorly fitting dentures. Overall the patient has a healthier and much more youthful appearance.

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