Extractions/Oral Surgery

As dentists we do all we can to preserve a natural tooth but sometimes we have no alternative but to extract or remove it. There can be several reasons to remove your tooth, with the most common being:

  • A broken tooth that’s beyond repair
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Crowded teeth – where there simply isn’t enough space in your jaw
  • Impacted wisdom tooth – which is where a growing wisdom tooth has got stuck and can’t break through the surface of the gum and is causing considerable pain

Preparing for tooth removal

Tooth extractions vary depending on the individual since each case is different, but typically the procedure involves the following:

  • An X-ray may be taken of your teeth prior to the procedure
  • You’ll be given a local anaesthetic so that you don’t feel any pain from your gum, although you will be aware of the pressure. If you’re a nervous patient, then we can also give you a sedative which will relax you and make you feel slightly sleepy.
  • Your tooth root sits in a socket in the gum. This will be widened and the tooth rocked gently from side to side to loosen it sufficiently so that it can be pulled right out.
  • We have the proper equipment and sterile environment to ensure that your extraction is as comfortable as possible and that you make a speedy recovery.

Oral Surgery

Most times tooth extraction can be carried out at the dental clinic but in cases where a tooth extraction is more complex, or a young child is involved, then it may be necessary to have it extracted in a hospital where the surgery will be carried out under a general anaesthetic by an oral surgeon. This is a dentist who specialises in a particular area of dentistry known as oral surgery which incorporates a variety of dental procedures involving surgery, such as tooth extractions and placement of dental implants.

We’re here for you

If you have a loose tooth or you’re concerned about any of your teeth, then it’s always best to visit a dental professional for advice. Never attempt to pull out a tooth at home or you could do more damage. Call The Smile Centre today to book an appointment.

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