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Chewing food is the first stage of the entire digestive process. So in order to chew effectively a certain amount of biting force and muscle co-ordination is needed.

The job of both dentures and natural teeth is to reduce your food to a small enough size for swallowing. Your mouth has to produce sufficient saliva to break down food and make chewing easier. Using your tongue and cheeks to manipulate food particles also affects chewing.

In short, there is a lot more to chewing than most people realise! It is only when people lose their teeth that they discover what a vital role teeth play in this basic function.
Some people find that their chewing forces are significantly reduced when they get dentures. This chewing strength and ability can then result in changed eating habits, such as altered food types, food quantities, eating venues, and even the people that you dine with.

Yet in all these respects there can be very big differences between one denture wearer and another. You can prevent most of these issues by choosing high quality dentures to assist with the digestive progress and vastly improve chewing efficiency.

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