Denture Implants

Denture implants are an increasingly popular option for the replacement of missing teeth rather than conventional bridges or partial dentures. First, titanium rods are inserted directly into the jawbone just like the roots of natural teeth. Then the denture is securely fixed to these implants.

Denture implants can often be carried out relatively painlessly under local anaesthetic by a qualified dental surgeon. This means that you are awake throughout the treatment, but the part of your mouth being worked on is completely numb.

Can I have Denture Implants?

Although implant retained dentures are increasingly popular, they are not always appropriate for everyone. To allow the implants to be fitted correctly you need to have healthy gums and a sufficient thickness of jawbone for the titanium rods to be inserted into.

At the Smile Centre we can fit dentures onto existing denture implants. Please note that the surgical fitting of denture implants can be carried out at the Smile Centre by our registered dentist. If implants have not yet been surgically placed, this can be done by a qualified dental surgeon.

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