Caring for you New Dentures

Just as with natural teeth, plaque also tends to form on dentures. If this plaque is not removed on a daily basis it may affect the way your dentures fit and the way they look. If plaque is allowed to build up you may experience bad breath and your health may even be at risk.


1. Clean your dentures daily over a sink filled with water, or above a damp cloth placed in the sink basin. This is so that if you drop your dentures they will not break.

2. Rinse your dentures in cold or lukewarm water first (and never hot water) to remove any loose food particles that may have attached themselves.

3. Use a recommended denture cleaner or paste. Conventional toothpastes such as Colgate or MacLeans are not designed to clean dentures and can cause damage.

4. Use a moistened denture brush (not a toothbrush) to clean all the surfaces of your dentures. Be very careful not to brush too hard, as this can lead to cracks or breakages.

5. Soak your dentures in a suitable denture cleanser such as Efferdent, Polident or Fittydent secure denture cleanser for a minimum of half an hour. Soaking your dentures overnight is also acceptable practice.

6. It’s very important that you rinse your dentures completely again in fresh running water. Never use hot water, is it may warp or damage your dentures.

7. Always use a soft bristled toothbrush to brush your remaining natural teeth, gums, tongue and palate before reinserting your dentures. This will assist in removing any excess plaque from your mouth and also stimulate blood circulation.

8. Finally, rinse with a suitable mouthwash before reinsertion.
This routine of effectively cleaning and caring for your dentures will become second nature to you very quickly.

If you do have any issues or difficulties in adapting to your new dentures, do not try to adjust them yourself as this could damage your mouth. Always return your dentures to a qualified clinical dental technician for repair or adjustment.

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