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Standard Dentures
Standard dentures often fit poorly, leaving the wearer with an incorrect bite and a lack of lip and facial support. In addition, standard dentures tend to look unnatural and noticeably like false teeth. This is because the teeth are all one colour, too straight, set too close together, and the gums are frequently too pink.

Smile Centre Dentures
Because each individual has an individual mouth, it is obvious that no two sets of dentures can be exactly alike. Even two sets of dentures made for the same person might not be identical. Here at the Smile Centre we understand your individuality – this is why we take such care to make sure all of our dentures and implants are made to each person’s unique requirements.
We also use the latest technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy and the ability to register the best possible bite, such as 3D Ultrasonic Navigator software. We ensure that each and every one of our patients has the correct lip and facial support, allowing to them wear their dentures comfortably and without the worry of pain.

At the Smile Centre, we use Ivoclar Vivadent’s Pearl effect teeth in the creation of our dentures. Each tooth in your set of dentures can be created by adding individual characterisations like fine hair line cracks and differences in colour. We use up to 5 different shades per tooth to create a natural dentition. On gums we use a modern, multi-tone staining technique to hand colour them until they appear natural.
In addition, each tooth is positioned differently within the gum so that light is reflected at different angles when smiling, creating a brighter and more natural smile.

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