Can I Eat with Dentures?

Can I Eat with Dentures?

When you first begin eating with your new dentures, the most important thing to do is start very slowly. Initially eating may present difficulties – in fact, it is the most difficult part of mastering new dentures.

But don’t be discouraged if you experience a few failures at first. Natural teeth are fixed in bone, while your artificial dentures only rest on the bone. When you chew on one side of your mouth you may notice a tendency for your dentures to tip and loosen slightly on the opposite side. Attempting to chew food evenly on both sides of your teeth will prevent this.

If you are patient and spend the necessary time practicing eating with your new dentures you will learn to control them automatically with the muscles of mastication in your mouth. With some new dentures you may need to increase the height of the upper and lower teeth so they come into contact sooner, which can be done through the use of an appliance called an occlusal splint or bite splint. Once a change such as this has been made, you may need to develop new eating habits simply because you will chew your food at a slightly different position than your old dentures.

Tips for Eating with New Dentures

Here are a few eating tips to keep in mind when wearing new dentures:

• Eat food that is soft and does not need hard chewing
• Take smaller mouthfuls and chew slowly and evenly
• Cut food into small pieces which easily fit in your mouth
• Don’t bite off food with your front teeth at first – you’ll learn to do this later!

As you gain more experience and become more skilled at eating while wearing your new dentures, you will be able to try harder and tougher foods. Eventually you will even be able to use your front teeth for biting.

Remember that with your natural teeth you bite and pulled, but with your dentures you must bite and push. Sometimes you may have difficulty eating very thin foods such as lettuce or the skins of apples and tomatoes. It’s often easier to eat apples if you first peel them or slice them into quarters.

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