Bite Correction Case Study

Mrs Graham


This patient suffered for years from an incorrect bite due to badly made and badly fitted false teeth. The dentures had been set too far back in the mouth and were not aligned properly.


Now the patient looks much younger and has an appearance that is a lot softer and more relaxed. This is thanks to a repositioning of her teeth and the realignment of her jaw. In addition the overbite has been corrected, causing the “gurn” to disappear.
The correct bite was registered for the patient using 3D Ultrasonic Navigator software. This enables the Smile Centre to register the correct bite, ensuring comfort and allowing the wearer to eat confidently in public or at home.
These before and after images highlight the importance of getting correctly fitted dentures. An incorrect bite can cause the face to sag, the chin to protrude and the smile to droop. Sometimes it can ever cause headaches, neck pain and other pains in the body.

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